V sobotu 25. listopadu v klubovně klubu od 14:00 se uskuteční Valná Hromada Rugby Club Přelouč, z.s. Účast povinná, registrace účastníků v 13:30.

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  1. In english
    Hi there
    I met a few players from your club, Saturday evening in Prague.
    We could not converse very well, but id love to learn more about your club.
    My name is Jeffrey Paine. I played from March 1979 through September 2012.
    My home club is Harrisburg R. F. C., U.S.A.
    I’ve also played for Cardinals Rugby [masters] Nationally, WARTS [masters…Washington Area Rugby Touring Side , [masters]Pequea Exiles [masters] and Washington Poltroons [masters].
    We are working on building a new rugby park with 2/3 pitches.
    Please return an email, possibly including some contacts for those players I met last evening.
    In rugby camaraderie,

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